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Frack It!

For the coffee aficionados out there looking for the perfect cup of Joe need look no further. Javalope Coffee is handcrafted artisan Texas from deep in the heart of Texas. Our coffee bean are roasted over open flames to perfection in our manually operated coffee roaster. At Javalope Coffee we roast in 20lb batches to ensure the artisan quality of our coffee beans. Javalope Coffee believes that your cup of Joe should be a taste a smooth and soothing as a western sun set with a flavor as bold as the Lone Star State. We offer the Following Blends in 12 ounce bags:

Uhrwerk Hase: German for Clockwork Bunny, and this is our morning blend help you raise your spirits to punch the old time clock and get hopping. With our custom blend of Colombian Supremo, Mexico HA, and Sumatra Mandheling  roasted to a dark roast, Your cup will have a a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma  with light flavorings of chocolate and Hazelnut. Uhrwerk Hase is the so sweet in fact that you will swear that someone has put sugar in your coffee. This blend borders on being a Strong morning blend or a medium bodied house blend. Anytime is a good time for a cup of Uhrwerk Hase.

Fancy Jack: Named after our Angry Bunny Mascot is a bigger bolder version of our Blend Uhrwerk Hase. This bold blend is aromatic and full in body, butt not high in Acidity. This has become the House Coffee of our Shop and is a favorite of our patrons.  With a desire to make a richer bolder Blend of Uhrwerk has we increased the amount of Sumatra Mandheling to about 50%. This gives the Fancy Jack a more of a hazelnut and earthy flavor. This Blend is offered in both a Dark and Medium roast. If your tastes are for the finer things then this is the coffee for you. One sip of this wonderful cup of Joe and you will understand our shop motto; Coffee Makes You Hoppy!"

Blitz Hase: German for Lightning Bunny because this bold dark roasted blend will get you hopping in a hurry. When a customer asked for a bolder blend with more of the nutty, earthy flavors from Fancy Jack dominating the cup, we went to work. The results of our labors is this great evening blend, Blitz Hase. This blend has more emphasis on our beans from Sumatra  which constitute about 70% of the blend. The Bold Aroma, the Rich, Earthy Flavors are enhanced by the Dark almost espresso roast. For those who are bold and ready for adventure this blend will have your flux capacitor recharged with a taste of yesteryear. Grab your goggles, and ride the lightning with a cup of Blitz Hase.

Tiny Giraffe: From the time I was a small child I've always wanted a tiny giraffe from the wilds of Africa. Not a big one just one I could fit in a satchel and travel with me. So when I came across our Tanzanian Pea Berry beans I knew what to name our next Blend. A pea berry coffee bean contains more caffeine than a normal bean. They also tend to be smaller and round, like a pea. These beans give off a wonderful buttery aroma when roasted dark and have a slight wine flavor. In this Blend we combined our Tanzania Pea Berry beans with ones from Brazil to give a medium bodied cup with a slightly fruity, chocolaty flavor. If you love pea berry coffees you'll love this blend. Grab bag for your next adventure, and check out the reaction you get when you say you have a Tiny Giraffe in your pack or cup.

Frack It: This Blend was created for those who love the taste of Columbia Coffee from mornings of yesteryear. In the Texas oilfields they are reopening old wells thought to be dry by using a process called Fracking. Fortunes are made by sending explosives down the well to make new fractures in order to reclaim oil deposits.  So we at Javalope thought we'd do the same, but with our own version of Texas Tea. To restore the taste of the coffees from yesteryear we created this medium bodied Morning Blend using dark roasted Colombian Supremo beans combined with beans from the volcanic mountains of Mexico to give a great coffee that will rival the cup of Joe from the old town cafe. So next time you kick back and enjoy a sunrise pour your self a cup of this blend, and just tell the world to Frack it!

Tiny Giraffe

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Fancy Jack


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Javalope Cold Brew Coffee

Javalope Cold Brew Coffee is brewed with our own  Maui Red Coffee from the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Our  coffee is hand roasted over an open flame to a medium roast. The coffee is then hand ground and put through our cold brewing process. The process combines our coffee with cold spring water, and over 24 hours our Cold Brew Coffee is  created. During our brewing process the beans and the water never are heated this creates a very strong, low acidic, coffee that is smooth and sweet with a lot of Caffeine You'll love this coffee over ice, combined with hot water or milk, combined with ice cream, or mixed with your favorite spirit. Pop the top and release the Javalope in you.

Uhrwerk Hase

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