Javalope Coffee Emporium

Coffee Makes You Hoppy

The Story of an Angry Bunny

So the best part about Handcrafted products is the not just the quality of the product it is the unique tale about of its origin. Our Story begins with the summers of my youth. My grandparents would invite my brother and I to stay with them for a month in Port Angeles, Washington. Before Twilight, before the two tailed mermaid shop was on every corner; I was allowed to see a world where small coffee shops were common and the smell of fresh roasted coffee drifted in the wind with the sounds and dreams of young artists. It  was not soon that I would be whisked back to the Lone Star bubble of Humble. Where my other grandfather worked for a steel company, and was awake at the crack of dawn making a pot of Black coffee. So coffee is a passion to preserve memories of them in every cup. 
I have been very disappointed what has been allowed to pass for good coffee since the rise of a certain Seattle Coffee chain. So I set out to create a better cup that could capture the tastes, smells, and enjoyment of my memories. Javalope Coffee is an Emporium of Quality Texas Artisan Coffee. Our Coffee is roasted in a Handmade 20 pound roaster, that is manually operated allowing for high quality small batch roasts. The coffee is then cooled, and placed into Hand stamped bags. Our coffee is unique, and some of the finest small batch roasts that you will cup. 
Coffee Makes You Hoppy

Phil "Mac" McClellan